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Lingerie FAQ

The most common occurrence with women and their Bra's is that they generally experience discomfort because they aren't properly fitted. This can be painful but can also be easily eliminated. Following these guidelines will help you avoid buying ill-fitting Bra's. The Number one misconception is that women go up in bandwidth instead of Cup Size when a bra feels too tight.

Here is How to Measure: Take a measuring tape and measure directly underneath the bust line. If the measurement is even add 4 inches. If the measurement is odd had 5 inches. This will give you your band size. To measure the Cup Size measure around the largest part of your breasts. This number subtracted by the band size will give you your cup size. The numbers usually vary from 0-5 each number coordinated with a cup size. For example a B-Cup Bra is a 2, while a D is a 4 and so on. Your Bra size should be measured every 6 months because a women's bra size varies depending on weight.

How do I Launder Lingerie?

Good Lingerie Care is often overseen and can lead to destroying your favorite Bra or intimate clothing. The main concern is putting your intimate clothing into the washing machine or dryer. These types of machines can cause more ware and tare on your clothing than you may think. The high temperatures can melt down the spandex in your intimate clothing causing the elasticity to fade away more quickly. The easiest way to wash your lingerie is to either hand wash the item or wash the item on delicates in your washing machine. Never wash the lingerie in anything but cold water. The dryer will ruin your delicates so always hang dry your delicates. Steam drying may be an option for silk delicates.