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Manufactured from superior quality leather for a truly elegant look, Blisslingerie brings you Women's Leather Dresses, Sexy Leather Dresses, and other Leather Garments. You're just clicks away from purchasing some of the finest lingerie from the top brands and designers in the world. Wear your Sexy Leather DRess out for a night on the town, or surprise your partner when they come home from a long, hard day. Leather is always sexy and provokes many wishes and fantasies. Feel free to explore our selections today. We think you'll find more than what you're looking for at Blisslingerie.net!
Sexy Leather Dress Allure
SKU: a17-100
$71.95 More Info
Faux Leather Halter Dress Allure
SKU: 17-9502
$57.95 More Info
Faux Leather Zip and Rivet Dress Allure
SKU: 17-4402
$53.95 More Info
Leather Lace Up Mini Dress Elegant Moments
SKU: L8103
$99.95 More Info
Faux Leather Corset Dress Allure
SKU: 17-0402
$46.95 More Info
Buckle Strap Leather Mini Dress Elegant Moments
SKU: L8128
$74.95 More Info
Faux Leather Gold Detail Corset Dress Allure
SKU: 17-0455
$54.95 More Info
Faux Leather Rivet Dress Allure
SKU: 17-1402
$59.95 More Info
Halter Faux Leather Dress Allure
SKU: 17-6402
$61.95 More Info
Faux Leather Mini Dress with Belt Allure
SKU: 17-0302
$43.95 More Info
Plunging Neckline Leather Strappy Dress Elegant Moments
SKU: L8125
$64.95 More Info
Zip Front Leather Mini Dress Elegant Moments
SKU: L8905
$99.95 More Info
Leather Dress with Zipper Allure
SKU: 17-103
$155.95 More Info
Leather Lace Up Dress Allure
SKU: 17-110
$155.95 More Info
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