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Sexy Hosiery and Garters

Beautiful and delicate lace Bridal Garter Belt Lingerie, Sheer Lace Top Stockings, Satin and lace garters or Ruffle Top Stockings are a few of the romantic essentials for the bride to be on her special wedding day. Sheer Thigh High Stockings with or without lacy accents for a more classic look can be found at Bliss Lingerie. Stockings are available in variety of colors for the not so traditional bride. Bridal Garter sets and Hosiery at Blisslingerie.net offers you the best prices and quality, all from the comfort of your own home.!

Sheer Lace Top Stocking Elegant Moments
SKU: 1721
$5.95 More Info
Sheer stay up thigh highs w/ floral flocking & rhinestone Leg Avenue
SKU: 9099
$9.95 More Info
Sheer Thigh Hi with Satin Bow Leg Avenue
SKU: 1912
$5.95 More Info
Stay Up Lace Top Micro Fishnet Thigh Highs with Backseam Leg Avenue
SKU: 9127
$6.95 More Info
Stay Up Lace Top Sheer Thigh High Leg Avenue
SKU: 1022
$7.95 More Info
Stay Up Micro Fishnet Thigh Highs Leg Avenue
SKU: 9136
$7.55 More Info
Top mini dot thigh highs Leg Avenue
SKU: 6065
$5.95 More Info
Vertical striped crochet pantyhose Leg Avenue
SKU: 7050
$9.95 More Info
Wedding Bell Stocking Leg Avenue
SKU: 9019
$6.95 More Info
Embroidered Garter Belt Shirley
SKU: 20280
$35.95 More Info
Wedding bells Sheer Thigh Hi with Lace Top Elegant Moments
SKU: 1716
$5.95 More Info
Sheer Stockings with Pearls Fantasy Lingerie
SKU: BR5005
$7.95 More Info
Sheer Thigh Highs Dreamgirl
SKU: 0007
$4.95 More Info
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